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Important Changes Regarding Code Louisville

In May 2020, Code Louisville returned to its 100% free-to-participate model! All you need to do to participate at this time is complete our new application by clicking the red Apply button. In the coming weeks, we will contact everyone who completes the new application with the next steps to begin the pre-work.

If you have completed an application to Code Louisville on or before February 11th, 2020, you will need to complete our new application to be considered for the program.

If you have participated in Code Louisville in the past, please check the Code Louisville Slack channel for more information on how this impacts you.

Program Structure

  • We have a waiting list to enter the program at this time. 2 months prior to your class, you will receive pre-work which consists of several online courses covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This material will build a foundation of knowledge and also give you enough exposure to see if writing software is for you
  • After completing the pre-work, you will be invited to pick a class night and attend a virtual orientation on how to get started and be successful in the program
  • You will complete two or more courses in software development languages including front-end web development as well as another programming language of your choice
    • Each course is 12 weeks in length, with a month break between them
  • Attend meetups once per week (6:00 - 8:00 pm) which are currently virtual through Zoom
  • During the course you will complete an online curriculum through Treehouse, attend tech events around town, attend class meetups, and build several projects for your online portfolio of work


Code Louisville is offered at no cost to you through funding provided by Metro Louisville and the State of Kentucky!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really able to become a software developer?
Yes, absolutely! Code Louisville has helped people from every walk of life obtain a job in the technology field. What employers are looking for is your ability to write code, not college degrees. We jump right in with coding on day one. We won't lie to you though - it's a long and challenging road! Learning to program is an exhilarating, fun, but at times frustrating experience and to be successful in it, you will have to work hard. But we promise it can be done and we're here to help you with an entire community of tech enthusiasts to keep you encouraged and on the path to success!
Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux is okay) and access to the internet. If you do not have a laptop, please let us know as we may be able to help you acquire or borrow one. Chromebooks are acceptable but not recommended. You do not need a brand new computer as most older laptops should be fine to get through the program.
I signed up weeks/days/months ago. What do I need to do?
If you signed up anytime before February 12 2020 then you need to complete our new application. Due to major changes in the program, we had to launch a new application and restart our waiting list. If you haven't heard from us in awhile, please contact and we can help you out.
Is Code Louisville free?
Yes! There is no cost to participate in Code Louisville. All you need is access to the internet, a laptop, and transportation to our classroom location in the evenings.
How much time is needed?
At least 15-20 hours of time is required each week working through the online courses, completing coding challenges, and developing your project. Code Louisville's curriculum moves very fast and grasping all the concepts may take multiple reviews of the videos and building practice apps to ensure your understanding of it. Ultimately, you will get as much value out of the program as you choose to put in. The most successful students are those that practice the concepts beyond watching the videos, who start their project early in the course, and remain active and engaged with Code Louisville students and mentors.
Will Code Louisville help me get a job?
We will help you learn the skills to get yourself a job! Code Louisville will guide you in learning not only the skills a programmer needs, but also provide you with resume writing and interview workshops, a community of developers to network with, mentors to answer your questions, and more. We also work to get employers interested in the program so they come to us to find their next developer!
What certification will I have after completing Code Louisville?
Code Louisville will provide you with a Certificate of Completion that is recognized by many local developers. But the real verification of your skills will be your portfolio! As part of Code Louisville, you will create several projects to display in your digital portfolio that will show employers you know what you're doing.
Are there other options to participate?
We have a partnership with Bellarmine University who offers Code Louisville courses through their Continuing and Professional Studies program. If you want to explore other options and potentially not have to wait as long to join, you can go through this route. For more information, please click here.
I heard Code Louisville was part of JCTC?
We were for a time, but we are now 100% free-to-participate with no JCTC tuition or enrollment involved. However, if you do choose to pursue education through Jefferson Community & Technical College, you can earn credit (for free!) by completing Code Louisville courses.

If you have any further questions, please email us at!