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The Sign-up Process

Once you sign-up below, you will be added to our waiting list to contact when the next available session is open for enrollment. Due to the popularity of the program, we are already booked for several sessions in advance! We are not able to let you know at this time when you will be enrolled, but you will be contacted several months prior to starting so that you may adjust your schedule and plan appropriately.

Approximately 60 days before your class begins, you will be contacted by Code Louisville with instructions on the requirements to enter the program. Along with that email, you will receive access to Treehouse, our online learning partner, where you will learn your new programming skills. During this time, you will have 30 days to complete a set of pre-work courses on Treehouse. If you complete the pre-work, you will be enrolled in the next starting class. At this time, we have a very long waitlist and cannot estimate when your class will begin. If you are a veteran, please contact us as you may be eligible for early enrollment.

If you have any questions or wish to withdraw your application, please contact apply@codelouisville.org.


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  • You must reside in an area that Code Louisville serves
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED
  • You must be legally able to work in the United States
  • You must have access to a laptop (or tablet w/ keyboard) and an internet connection
  • You must agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct

Program Structure

  • Commit to TWO 12-week sessions with a one month break in between
    • Session 1: Front-end Web Development [REQUIRED]
    • Session 2: PHP, FullStack JavaScript, or .NET Development
  • Complete 20-30 hours of pre-work issued 90 days before your course starts and due 60 days before. The pre-work consists of Treehouse courses covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This material will build a foundation of knowledge and also give you enough exposure to see if writing software is for you
  • Attend meetups once per week (6:00 - 8:00 pm) at our hosted space in Downtown Louisville
  • Build a project that demonstrates your knowledge by the end of Week 12


Code Louisville is offered at no cost to you through a Workforce Innovation Fund grant from the US Department of Labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux is okay) and access to the internet.
How much time is needed?
At least 15-20 hours of time is required each week working through the online courses, completing coding challenges, and developing your project. Code Louisville's curriculum moves very fast and grasping all the concepts may take multiple reviews of the videos and building practice apps to ensure your understanding of it. Ultimately, you will get as much value out of the program as you choose to put in. The most successful students are those that practice the concepts beyond watching the videos, who start their project early in the course, and remain active and engaged with Code Louisville students and mentors.
Will this help me become a programmer?
Yes! Programming is a valuable skill that can be used in every industry. Knowledge of coding can elevate your career or establish a brand new career for you. Code Louisville's goal is to teach you everything you need to be a junior-level developer. One 12-week session with Code Louisville will provide a great introduction and lots of skills, but we recommend taking two sessions to really develop the skills that employers most want.
Will Code Louisville help me get a job?
We will help you learn the skills to get yourself a job! Code Louisville will guide you in learning not only the skills a programmer needs, but also provide you with resume writing and interview workshops, a community of developers to network with, mentors to answer your questions, and more. We also work to get employers interested in the program so they come to us to find their next developer!
What certification will I have after completing Code Louisville?
We offer open-source software language stacks in our sessions, and there are no well-recognized national industry certifications that will guarantee that you are “certified” as a software developer. This is a “show me” industry, and the projects that you will have built in your portfolio by the end of each session will serve as your proof of having completed Code Louisville. With that said, there are educational opportunities toward certifications that can help in your career. Completion of Code Louisville courses can earn you credit hours towards a Programming certificate through Jefferson Community and Technical Colleges. Please contact Code Louisville for more information on this!
What about college degrees?
Software development knowledge can apply to just about any industry so if you've got a degree - even in a non-technical major - that's great, it will certainly help! If you're interested in pursuing one, Code Louisville may be able to help. You can earn credit towards an Information Technology degree through Jefferson Community and Technical Colleges for completion of Code Louisville. There may even be some state-offered support for doing so. Contact Code Louisville for more information!
What if I am a veteran?
Please email us! We offer priority of service to veterans, allowing you to start the program earlier. We will be happy to work with you to get you enrolled as soon as possible. If you are seeking additional resources for veterans, please check out the VCAL Resource Guide

If you have any further questions, please email us at apply@codelouisville.org!


When you submit this form, you will be added to the waitlist to join the Code Louisville program. Due to the popularity of the program, we have a significant backlog and cannot tell you for sure when your course will begin, but you will be notified 90 days before it does. At that time, you will be given pre-work through Treehouse to complete in order to register for your course. Note: you no longer need to sign up through the Louisville Free Public Library! Simply apply here. You are not enrolled in the program until you've completed your pre-work in the allotted time AND done so before the deadline (30 days after receiving it)!

The pre-work includes four courses on Treehouse, which will take between 20-30 hours to complete. You will be sent the list of courses 90 days prior to your schedule course date. Please plan accordingly to complete the pre-work during your 30 day trial period! No extensions will be granted.

You must meet our eligibility requirements before applying.