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Important Changes Coming to Code Louisville

Code Louisville's program is changing as our grant comes to an end, but we are excited to be partnering with Jefferson Community and Technical College to continue to offer our classes to the community!

With this partnership, you will still be able to get Code Louisville's unique, hands-on approach to learning software development through an online curriculum paired with in-person classes led by experience mentors. Additionally, you will be able to continue on and pursue a degree or certificates in programming through the college system.

How to Get Started

If you have previously registered and were on our waiting list then please check your email as we recently contacted everyone with details on the next steps. If you are new and have not yet applied, then please complete the application by clicking Apply.

To take Code Louisville courses, you will need to apply to the program using the above link. We will then be in touch soon after with instructions on how to proceed. Please be aware that we currently have a waiting list and it could be several months before you hear from us. Additionally, we are in the middle of this transition to JCTC, so our responses may be a little slow.

As a Code Louisville participant, you will be required to enroll as a student at JCTC which means you will eventually need to apply to the college, apply for financial aid, and complete a few other steps along the process that we will help you with.

Program Structure

  • Complete 20-30 hours of pre-work issuedapproximately 3 months before your course starts and due 4 weeks after assignment. The pre-work consists of Treehouse courses covering HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This material will build a foundation of knowledge and also give you enough exposure to see if writing software is for you
  • Enroll at JCTC and complete the first term of Code Louisville courses
    • Course 1: Front-end Web Development
    • Course 2: Computational Thinking - A classroom introduction to programming
  • Upon completing the first term, continue your education into the second, final term
    • Course 3: Your choice of one of several classes including C#, Python, JavaScript, and more
    • Course 4: A project-based course where you will work with fellow Code Louisville students to build a project for your portfolio to demonstrate your skills
  • Attend meetups once per week (6:00 - 8:00 pm) at our classrooms in Downtown Louisville (other locations may also be available as space allows)
  • During the course you will complete an online curriculum through Treehouse, attend tech events around town, attend class meetups, and build a project

Tuition and Enrollment

All Code Louisville participants will be required to enroll at JCTC as a student and all courses will require JCTC's tuition and fees be paid. However, we will help during this process to identify if there are ways to pay for this, and for many there will be a way to cover the costs. The cost for JCTC courses can be found here and each Code Louisville course will be 3 credit hours. Most financial aid methods do require 6 credit hours per term and we recommend 12 total credit hours.

In particular, there are funds that may be available for anyone without a degree, veterans, low-income families, persons with disabilities, and dislocated workers. Please contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a laptop (Windows, Mac, or Linux is okay) and access to the internet. If you do not have a laptop, please let us know as we may be able to make one available temporarily.
I signed up weeks/days/months ago. What do I need to do?
If you signed up anytime in April 2019 or before, then we should have contacted you by email. Please double check for an email from for more details. If you cannot find that email, please contact the apply account. In short, you will need to complete our pre-work process and complete the FAFSA process for financial aid to JCTC
I thought Code Louisville was free?
Code Louisville was free to all participants while we were covered by our original grant. Unfortunately that grant is no longer able to pay for students and we have now partnered with JCTC. With that comes the tuition and fees associated with the community college. Please see the Tuition and Enrollment section above for pricing details.
How much time is needed?
At least 15-20 hours of time is required each week working through the online courses, completing coding challenges, and developing your project. Code Louisville's curriculum moves very fast and grasping all the concepts may take multiple reviews of the videos and building practice apps to ensure your understanding of it. Ultimately, you will get as much value out of the program as you choose to put in. The most successful students are those that practice the concepts beyond watching the videos, who start their project early in the course, and remain active and engaged with Code Louisville students and mentors.
Will this help me become a programmer?
Yes! Programming is a valuable skill that can be used in every industry. Knowledge of coding can elevate your career or establish a brand new career for you. Code Louisville's goal is to teach you everything you need to be a junior-level developer. One 12-week session with Code Louisville will provide a great introduction and lots of skills, but we recommend taking two sessions to really develop the skills that employers most want.
Will Code Louisville help me get a job?
We will help you learn the skills to get yourself a job! Code Louisville will guide you in learning not only the skills a programmer needs, but also provide you with resume writing and interview workshops, a community of developers to network with, mentors to answer your questions, and more. We also work to get employers interested in the program so they come to us to find their next developer!
What certification will I have after completing Code Louisville?
Code Louisville's partnership with JCTC will lead you down a 4-course path that completion of will result in a Certificate of Programming from JCTC, a Certificate of Completion from Code Louisville, and a portfolio of projects to put on your resume.
Are there other options to participate?
We have a partnership with Bellarmine University who offers a Code Louisville course through their Continuing and Professional Studies program. If you want to explore other options and potentially not have to wait as long to join, you may be able to go through this route. For more information, please click here.
How much will JCTC tuition cost?
JCTC's tuition costs can be found here. Each Code Louisville course will be 3 credit hours and most forms of financial aid require that you take 6 credit hours per term. Code Louisville will help you identify if there are methods of covering tuition available to you during the enrollment process. The final tuition for JCTC has not been finalized, but we are expecting something in the ballpark of $600 per 8-week class.

If you have any further questions, please email us at!