The Pathways

Each pathway takes six months to complete and includes weekly online class attendance in the evenings, combined with videos, projects, and other materials you must complete each week. Before choosing a pathway, you must also complete an Introduction to Programming course that will ensure everyone has the basic and makes the proper choice of which pathway to pursue.

Web Development with JavaScript

Learn how to build, create, and maintain websites. Front-end developers craft the look and feel of a website that is visible to the end user.

Data Analysis with Python

Use raw data to find trends and answer questions. You’ll learn crucial Python and SQL skills necessary for advanced analytics.

Software Development with C#

In this pathway, you’ll learn how to create a computer program that completes a specific task or set of tasks.

User Experience (UX) Design

Learn how to research, analyze, create designs that software developers will use to create applications

Quality Assurance Testing

Learn about the tools and code used to test all kinds of software to ensure the highest quality products are produced

Two Courses For Every Pathway!

All of these pathways contain two 12-week courses, the first introducing you to the concept and the second expanding on it in more detail

“I was lost and needed a career so I went to Code Louisville to try a class. They taught me the technical skills I needed for my job and the soft skills I needed to prosper. This program gave me a whole new start and I’m forever grateful.”

Shelley, Code Louisville graduate and full-time developer

“I’m very happy I followed my curiosity and got into this field. It can be challenging at times, but I enjoy the challenge.”

— Djuan Ellis, Code Louisville graduate and full-time developer

Meet RaeDawn, a Code Louisville graduate

After participating in Code Louisville, she was able to start a career in tech.
“Learning how to code really challenges your mind.”